Fátima Gomes

Fátima Gomes


Fátima Gomes was born in Barinas, Venezuela in 1979. She studied contemporary dance at the dance institute of the University of Caracas and graduated in 2002.

During her studies she professionalized herself in different techniques like Ballet, Contact Improvisation, folklore, Yoga, Butoh, Limóntechnique, Flamenco and African Dance. In this period she danced with many latinamerican dance companies.

In 2005 she got a scholarship from the DAAD which opened her the opertunity to study Modern Dance at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany. Since she got her degree in Essen she works as a dancer and does her own creative research.

Fátima Gomes is part of the international Colombian folklore group “Pajarillo Pinta’o”.

Since 2008 she dances and teaches for the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY .