Interactive encounters between different forms of art and media play a central role in the productions of the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY. Combined with video installations, self-composed music or specially designed lighting effects, dance manifests itself in a new dimension and creates its own moods. The various components of the performance are designed with both aesthetics and content in mind. Thus the ensemble enables the message of the piece to shine through without sacrificing the enjoyment of the performance.



TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY is proud to present a new production „CROSSING THE LINES“, with five choreographies by ROYSTON MALDOOM, to be premiered on 7th October 2016 at Theater Marl.


Association 3 - "Heimat" - A production of TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY
The Story of Eddy T. - A journey from Asia to Europe


After the successful project "Imbalanced", which dealt with the complexity of our time, with an oversupply in the western world and the exploitation of natural resources as a consequence thereof, w


“Association_02” gives a first glimpse of “Return“, which will be on stage in 2012/13. With this production, the company is further exploring the theme raised in “Imbalanced”, i.e.


On 30 November 2012, it finally happened: after three months intensive training the wheelchair - dance project "on a roll" celebrated its premiere on the stage of the Theater Marl. 


“Association_01” gives a first glimpse of “Imbalanced”, created in 2011.


The seven dancers of the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY have jointly developed a multimedia dance performance exploring social and political issues, such as the complexity of our era, oversupply in the Wes


For this production, choreographer Mohan C. Thomas combined five very diverse choreographies by different artists and choreographers.


“Technologue – A Moving Rhythm Theatre” is a style-mixing dance and rhythm experience: Under the direction of Mohan C.


“ORIENTATION” is based upon the ancient art of dance of the whirling Dervishes. The idea is based on the mixture of traditional Sufi rituals and a new interpretation thereof.