Association 03_Heimat

Association 03_Heimat


Association 3 - "Heimat" - A production of TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY
The Story of Eddy T. - A journey from Asia to Europe

The narration of the soloist is supported by a live musician with percussion and vocals. The effective stage design becomes a special visual and acoustic experience through dramatic means of theatre.

"Association3" - Home
Nobody leaves his home without a reason. Some get expelled and others escape because they are in great distress. This is the story of Eddy T., who came to Germany fifty years ago. His youth on the island ceylon was full of deprivation. He had to work hard to get water and rice. There were ethnical conflicts in his home country and he had no chance to study. Living with poverty and danger seemed to be without future so he left his country. Arriving in a new environment wasn`t easy for him and he had to adapt to the hectic western way of life. But he worked hard and achieved everything he had wished for: a successful career and a happy family.

Artistic Director
Mohan C. Thomas

Concept, Choreography & Dance 
Mohan C. Thomas

Composition & Live Music
Germaine Depry

Choreographic Assistance
Maria Lucia Agón Ramirez 

Light & Stage
Mohan C. Thomas 

Rehearsal Assistance 
Anaela Schmitt, Julia Schmitt 

Stage Director & Sound
Ute Kidess 

Bent Walther

A Production of TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY and TANZMOTO e.V. in cooperation with Theater Marl 

Copyright 2015 by TANZMOTO e.V.

Dauer: 70 Min

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