Til Strobl

Til Strobl

Video artist

Til Strobl was born in Bonn in 1986 and studied theater, film and television studies (minor subjects: information processing and phonetics) at the University in Cologne. In 2011 he graduated with a Magister Atrium degree.

 During his study he did several internships in the film an television industry, on film sets as well as in postproduction. Furthermore he worked at the institute of information processing of the university in Cologne as a student assistant from 2008 to 2011.

Since 2010 Til Strobl works as a freelancing compositing artist and DTP- and screendesigner for companies such as  Liga_01 Computerfilm, Pixomondo Images and RealFiction Filmverleih.

TANZMOTO Dance Company first hired him in 2011 as a video-artist.