on a roll

on a roll


On 30 November 2012, it finally happened: after three months intensive training the wheelchair - dance project "on a roll" celebrated its premiere on the stage of the Theater Marl. 

Five members of the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY dance together with 40 amateur dancers in the age of 9 to 70 - 34 are pedestrians and 6 dance in a wheelchair.

"On a roll" is a winning streak, a run, a continuity: spinning wheels, smooth movements, a group in flow, in a limbo between walking, driving, tumbling. However, individuals, who could not be more different, stand out of that group: young and old people, amateur and professional dancers, pedestrians and wheelchair users.  They show their own characteristics and switch the roles. In the pictorial choreographies all the different dimensions of movements appear. Emotions of limitations and pain alternate with curiosity and joy. The fear of the taboo develops into an exploration of it; the prejudice becomes open-mindedness and interest. The wheelchair becomes an instrument, the special physicality for an individual expression. In a dialogue with each other a new language arises, a poetry, a new type of dance.

Idea of the project: Fabian Dirla
Choreography/ artistic direction: Mohan C. Thomas
Assistants of artistic director:
Maria Lucia Agón Ramirez, Fátima Gómes
Wheelchair- trainers: Fabian Dirla, Monika Heinrichs, Christina Zaiber

Maria Lucia Agón Ramirez, Fátima Gómes, Gilberdan Verissimo,
Paulo Santos, Victor Zapata 

Theresa Flecken, Nola Friedrich, Caroline Geißelbacher-Gorny, Justus Huy,
Sophie Melchior, Enzo Naels, Olivia Rünz

Wheelchair users
Frederik Koser, Fabian Dirla, Julian Grütering, Monika Heinrichs,
Janina Wünnenberg, Christina Zaiber

Sebastian Aouad, Ylenia Hanke, Luca Jansen, Merlin Jansen, Thorben Kellner,
Laura Kesore, Lenia Kesore,Theresa Koch, Jacob Künne, Evelyn Latoschinski,
Sophia Maicher, Sandra Müller, Mariela Schmitt
Cornelia Aouad, Brigitte Bruske, Penelope Crowe, Melanie Drüke, Ulla Fries-Langer,
Kornelia Günther, Kathleen Jansen, Brigida Kellner, Jana Kesore, Ursula Krehut,
Tatjana Lehnen, Hedi Mengert, Irene Rasch-Erb, Monika Reiß, Regina Rieß-Dauer,
Anita Röttger, Daniela Schmitt

Dramaturgy: Carlos Sampaio
Costumes: Dina Nur
Technical director / lightning designer: Stefan Meik
Soundcollage: Jan Strobl
Technical director Theater Marl: Rainer Märker
Project-Coordination: Eva Krembel


Premiere: 30th November 2012, Theater Marl

Second performance: 10th March2013, Lichtburg Essen

Additional shows: 9th May, 7 pm; 18th +19th May, 7.30 pm, Sommerblut Festival 2013 in Cologne.  

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